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Situated in the capital of Cambodia, R&F City provides a garden community for the modern community.
With an area of 560,000㎡, it is surrounded by high retail streets, sport clubs and the city’s largest garden of approximately 30,000㎡, and stands uniquely as a large garden community in Phnom Penh, against traditional terrace and unitary apartments.
The diverse unit types at R&F City are offered in sizes ranging from 54 to 130 square meters, with one to three elegantly-designed bedrooms. Possessing an extra-wide distance of 50-70 meters among buildings, R&F City creates a buzz in Phnom Penh.
Strategic Location Within Belt Road Initiative
With the ambitious Belt & Road Initiative (BRI), Southeast Asia presents itself as the only thoroughfare of sea and land routes. Among the ten ASEAN countries, Cambodia is the bellwether within China's BRI framework. Between 2013 and 2019, China has been Cambodia's largest investor - with a contracted investment capital of more than 12.5 billion USD.

Right smack in the middle of ASEAN, Cambodia is the intersection of the Pan-Asian Railway Network and an important hub of the sea, land, and air transportation system surrounded by 9 other ASEAN countries. Cambodia is also part of the ASEAN Economic Community, benefitting directly from the economic integration and regional investment policies.

The Eastern route of the Pan-Asian Railway Network starts from Kunming, China, heading south to Singapore with a total length of approximately 5,000 kilometers. The economic coverage of this railway network radiates throughout South East Asia and South China with Cambodia at the center. Phnom Penh will also usher a 2-hour city circle in Asia after the opening of the Pan-Asian Railway Network. The Kunming section has now been completed.

Cambodia Recorded A Robust GDP Growth Of Over 7% For 9 Consecutive Years
For the decade, Cambodia recorded amazing economic growth - 3 times faster than other SEA countries. The Year-on-Year GDP % growth in Cambodia also surpassed neighboring countries like Singapore, Thailand, and many more.
In 2019, Cambodia topped among all ASEAN countries with its GDP growth rate of 7.1%, becoming the fastest growing country in Asia.
  • Strong Dollar-Based Assets <br> The Ideal Place For Non-CRS Asset Allocation
    Strong Dollar-Based Assets
    The Ideal Place For Non-CRS Asset Allocation
    Cambodia is the world's third-largest dollar-based country and the only country in Asia that uses US dollars as the currency for all transactions; with the world’s most stable currency - “US dollar” combined with a high ROI investment product, property in Phnom Penh presents itself as the best choice for asset allocation; apart from that, Cambodia, a non-CRS country, also hailed as the “Little Switzerland in Southeast Asia” allows their residents to freely hold foreign currencies.
  • Phnom Penh Property Price Rising by 16.7% <br> With A Combined ROI In The Property Market Of 29.4%
    Phnom Penh Property Price Rising by 16.7%
    With A Combined ROI In The Property Market Of 29.4%
    According to Hurun China HNWI Global Property ROI 2018. the ROI for Phnom Penh's rental market is as high as 8% while the combined ROI is up to 29.4%. The investment value is 15 times more compared to a similar investment in Guangzhou, Beijing, Shanghai, and Shenzhen China with an ROI of less than 2%.
    Phnom Penh also offers a comparatively lower property price and larger space for residences than many metropolis.

    Foreigners in Cambodia are allowed to obtain freehold property rights, and to buy and sell houses without restrictions or additional taxes on inheritance.
The Business Hub With State-Of-The-Art Logistic Network, Connecting The City With The World
The Business Hub With State-Of-The-Art Logistic Network, Connecting The City With The World
Phnom Penh is home to CAEXPO and international elites.
With 31 embassies, Phnom Penh has drawn the attention of global businesses to support rapid economic development.
The project is located strategically in the heart of Phnom Penh, where embassies, business hubs, and foreign elites pool.
ING City, a colossal satellite city project, also a first-tier high-end residential community.
It is right in the smack between two bustling economic and transportation hubs in Phnom Penh: Monivong and Hun Sen Boulevards.
A 30-minute drive from the new and old Phnom Penh International Airport, along with an integrated logistic network to connect with the world.
A Bustling International Business Hub
A Bustling International Business Hub
Only 5-minute drive from AEON MALL, the largest shopping mall in Phnom Penh
Equipped with football club, Naga Duty-free Store, 4S stores and other commercial facilities
Phnom Penh’s top businesses and entertainment facilities are available here for high quality standard of living.
Access World-Class Education With ISPP
Access World-Class Education With ISPP
Adjacent to the ISPP, access to a world-class education.
Only 3-minute drive from the ISPP.
ISPP is fully authorized as an International Baccalaureate® World School accredited by the Ivy League.
ISPP is recognized by Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard & other world-class renowned universities.
Phnom Penh’s largest hospital is settled at ING City
Phnom Penh’s largest hospital is settled at ING City
On February 25, 2020 - Cambodia Development Committee (CDC) has approved the Bangkok Hospital project at ING City.
The new hospital is projected to receive a funding of USD 478 million, and it is to be equipped with 1500 beds.
This will be the largest hospital in Phnom Penh.
Bangkok Hospital is currently the largest hospital in Phnom Penh, six times larger than Calmette Hospital.
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R&F City, The Biggest Garden Community In Phnom Penh
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