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How to Apply
Let’s take a wonderful tour,Visit to Cambodia
The way toreport
01、Click [Online Customer Service] on the right to contact our global customer service staff for an appointment!

02、Click [Tour] --[Apply Online] at the top to apply online!

03、You can also sign up through our leaflet or H5, or WeChat Office Account, or at our R&F City exhibition centers (Guangzhou, Beijing, Xiamen, etc.).
Steps to report
How to Apply
  • Confirm Application
    Click [Online Customer Service] on the right to confirm departure date
  • Submit Documents
    Provide required documents to customer service consultant
    Sign tour contract
  • Preparation
    Pack upon receiving departure notice and warm reminder
    Bring all required documents
  • Start a wonderful tour
    Arrive at airport in time to leave
  • Required Documents
    Passport: A photocopy of the first page of a passport (valid for no less than six months from the day of return);
  • Notes
    For children at the age of 2-12 who don’t need an independent bed, fee will be reduced by 300 yuan. Fees for children over 12 years old are charged as adults;
    Seniors at the age of 60 and above need to sign a disclaimer when signing up, and those above 70 years old need to provide a health report.
    Disclaimer: The services and related information on this website are not real-time and may be subject to changes due to changes in national immigration policies and measures.
    For details, please contact our online customer service staff or property consultants.
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+855 018 888 2777
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